Thursday, 22 November 2012

The MORE Project Expands Efforts to Thailand, India, Malaysia, Mexico

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At the Asia Pacific Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, the MORE Project announced its plans to expand its work in 2012 to include relief programs in Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Mexico.

MonaVie remains committed to changing lives in the favelas of Brazil, but now we have expanded to bring more hope, more support, and more dignity to those living in poverty around the world. In addition, the expansion of the MORE Project will serve to unite MonaVie distributors and the children and families served in the process will create a magical combination that continues to build on itself—and keeps everyone coming back for more.

Distributors at the Asia Pacific Conference donated more than US$35,000 to the MORE Project to begin the work in the Asia Pacific region.

Supporting Children at School in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

In Thailand, the MORE Project will work to support a wonderful school in the mountains of Mae Hong Son.

Luang Paw Cheyote, the founder of the school, was a MonaVie distributor and a monk who dedicated his life to supporting and educating more than 600 children in Thailand. He passed away recently and was honoured at the Asia Pacific Conference for his selfless efforts.

The school provides shelter, food, life values, education, and practical agriculture skills for more than 100 children from tribal families in the Mae Hong Son region. The school is based on self-sustaining principles and has organic rice and mushroom farms to not only raise money but to teach the children farming practices.

The MORE Project also has plans to help out similar schools throughout Thailand in 2012. Before the Asia Pacific Conference, 40 MonaVie distributors travelled four hours by bus to volunteer at residential school in Korat that serves more than 500 impoverished children and teens. Without this school, these children would have no access to education. The MORE Project donated money to help the school buy two large telescopes for their science program.

Making a Difference in Chennai, India

In India, the MORE Project is teaming up with Rising Star, a boarding school outside of Chennai.

This project works with families who have leprosy. The organisation provides medical care and micro loans to adults to create dignity and an opportunity for health and income. The children are provided with an excellent education. The primary goal is to change a generation! These children are considered untouchable, but the hope is that through education they can enter into society with confidence and the ability to find meaningful jobs and careers.

Stay tuned for additional information about the MORE Project’s efforts in Malaysia and Mexico.

What a thrill and a joy it is to expand the MORE Project to help these families! Thank you so much to all of the generous distributors who have made the expansion possible. The money you donate to the MORE Project will now help change lives throughout the world!

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