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Monavie Scam, Monavie Fraud, monavie scandal

  • Launches RVL protein product in India
  • Looks at setting up own manufacturing facility in India in the next 2-3 years with an investment of Rs.100 crores.
Chennai: Unveiling their new RVL protein powder, MonaVie, the global leader in the health & wellness products announced their firm commitment to the Indian market with plans to shortly set up their own manufacturing facility in South India. RVL completes the international portfolio of products catering to the health and wellness segment comprising the Health juices, Energy blends, Weight solutions and Health mixes. Targeted at the weight conscious category, RVL comes packed with all the right nutrients and helps control obesity and weight management and comes in a convenient powder form in an attractive tin that can be mixed with milk or water before consuming it.

Following the ‘Go Global: Think Local’ mantra to the core, MonaVie recently came out with their India-centric brand - ‘ONE’ and launched products that suit the Indian palate with ready-to-eat Oats, Wheat & Ragi meal; this is part of the plan that MonaVie has for India which includes localizing the product portfolio, bringing out affordable range of quality health and wellness products, collaborating with local food technologists, experts to explore new possibilities and creating an eco-system that will help community commerce and create several successful self-made entrepreneurs.

Already having subcontracted the manufacturing and packing of the ‘ONE’ range of products to their local partners in Tamil Nadu near Hosur and Sriperumbudur, MonaVie has spotted the immense market potential for their products in India and have definite plans to boost investment of approximately Rs. 100 crores into the India operations over the next 3-5 year time period with most of the monies earmarked for setting up their own manufacturing facility, customized R&D set up to localize the product offerings, increase the distribution and logistics network, training and development of human resources and open up the possibility of community commerce initiatives.

Speaking about the investment plans in South India, Mr.Raj Lingam, President, South Asia, MonaVie said, “The market is quite promising and we are confident of setting up a manufacturing facility as soon as we scale up our operations here. We have taken a conscious decision to customize and localize the product offerings from our stable and the focus will be in bringing out health and wellness solutions that has a broad customer appeal. In the next 2-3 years time we have earmarked a budget of around Rs.100 crores for all these expansion activities in India”.

MonaVie also believes in giving back to the society through their dedicated social cause initiative called MORE. Project MORE works actively with the Favelas (slum rehabilitation) in Brazil. With the sole aim of giving back to society, MORE project was launched in India and has selected Tamil Nadu as the base where they support the work of the NGO ‘Rising Star Outreach’ in supporting the cause of improving the life of leprosy affected people.

Monavie is across 23 countries with largest base in the US. In India, Monavie has a distributor network of over 1.30 Lakh plus offering over 7 categories of products. MonaVie which is one of the few companies that has invested over $250 Million towards R&D is confident about setting up a strong base in India like the rest of its market across the world. MonaVie has 8 branch offices across the Country.

About MonaVie

MonaVie is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, as evidenced by its ranking in the 2009 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. MonaVie has plans for continued expansion in the United States and for new markets throughout the world. The MORE Project™ established in 2005, works towards changing and making better, the lives of tens of thousands of impoverished families in the form of clothing, education, food and shelter. MonaVie blends antioxidant nutritional power with an unparalleled opportunity that can allow capitalizing on the surging health and wellness industry. In India MonaVie has established a strong nationwide distribution network and has a team of 130000 people strong army to distribute its energy, wellness and health products, food supplements and other products across the country.

Monavie is not a scam. Some people is saying monavie sacm, monavie fraud. Do you want to know more about monavie see post given below:

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  1. This is taking Action and makes me proud to be part of this wonderful company.