Monday, 19 November 2012

MonaVie Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald Shares Tips to “Reshape Your Body” on The Dr. Oz Show

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In his debut on The Dr. Oz Show, MonaVie nutrition and fitness expert Mark Macdonald showed viewers a simple, yet comprehensive, way to reshape their bodies and achieve body confidence. His multi-pronged approach advocates stabilizing blood sugar through proper diet and exercise.

The show titled “Dr. Oz’s After 35 Survival Kit” originally aired November 6, 2012, and featured Mark in three segments: 
  • Reshape Your Body, Part 1 – In the first segment, Mark teaches why moderating your blood sugar—with proper diet and exercise—is the secret to looking and feeling your best.
  • Reshape Your Body, Part 2 – In part two, Mark explains what types of food to eat, how often, and in what proportion. In this segment, he also covers what he calls the “Mobile Readiness Food Kit,” which enables you to have the right foods while on the go.
  • Reshape Your Body, Part 3 – In the final segment, Mark covers the exercises that best complement and even accelerate weight loss. Mark and Dr. Oz can also be seen doing an extended 10-minute workout after the show.
“When proper diet and exercise is leveraged to achieve balanced blood sugar levels, the body is able to consistently release its stored fat, and then that fat gets burned up in your muscle,” says Macdonald. “There are many things we cannot control in life; the one thing we can control is how we choose to take care of ourselves.”

The Dr. Oz Show featuring MonaVie nutrition and fitness expert Mark Macdonald (titled: “Dr. Oz’s After 35 Survival Kit”) will air again in most markets Tuesday, November 13. Check your local listings to confirm.

About Mark Macdonald

As a fitness and nutrition expert and the New York Times bestselling author of the book, Body Confidence, Mark knows what it takes to lose weight the right way and achieve life-long body confidence. He opened the first Venice Nutrition Consulting center in Venice Beach, California, more than a decade ago, and it has since grown to more than 400 centers throughout the U.S. Mark is the official spokesperson for MonaVie RVL—MonaVie’s premier weight management system. Providing an easy and convenient way for health conscious consumers to have the “closest thing to a perfect meal” with MonaVie RVL, MonaVie was a natural partner for Mark. Together, Mark and MonaVie provide a complete nutrition and fitness solution to those who are looking to improve their health while juggling a busy schedule. Click here to learn more about MonaVie RVL. And for more of Mark’s in-home, specialized workouts, check out the MonaVie 90-Day RVLution Ultimate Workout Series.

About MonaVie 

Since 2005, MonaVie has created premium, all natural products dedicated to promoting health and wellness worldwide. With distribution in 23 countries, MonaVie brings you antioxidant-packed health juices, nutrient-rich weight solutions, revitalizing energy drinks, and powerful nutritional elements made from the best and rarest ingredients on Earth. MonaVie is committed to helping people live healthier, more meaningful lives through its products and business opportunity. Learn more at, or connect with us via our Social Networking sites.

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