Thursday, 22 November 2012

Propel Your Business with the Averaging Week Promotion

Monavie Scam, Monavie Fraud, monavie scandal

One of the rarest and most popular promotions in MonaVie is back!
The Averaging Week Promotion kicked off on 10 November 2012 (week 411) and runs to 29 December 2012 (week 417).
This is one promotion that will put you on the fast track to advancing through the executive ranks. We are doing this by averaging your Group Volume (GV) across two consecutive weeks.
Take advantage of this promotion to grow your business rapidly and earn more money more quickly. For further details, please send an email to MonaVie Support at or call us at 044-46466565. We are happy to assist you with your MonaVie business.

Monavie is not a scam. Some people is saying monavie sacm, monavie fraud. Do you want to know more about monavie see post given below:

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