Monday, 14 January 2013


Açai, a small, deep-purple fruit is found in the floodplain swamps of the eastern Amazon River basin. It is packed with beneficial compounds and it can be called the premiere source of antioxidants.

A food’s antioxidant activity is rated in an ORAC value. Foods that contain high ORAC value are said to minimize the oxidative damage in our body. Açai boasts the highest ORAC rating of any food, providing 18,400 ORAC units per 100 grams – about 3.5 ounces or about two servings. In addition to providing health compounds, evidence points out that Açai is a potential cancer-fighting agent, having positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Our body also needs a balance of macro, micro and phyto nutrients to maintain a good health condition. Here is where the Brazilian super fruit ‘Açai’ comes as a boon to our body. The key feature of Açai berry is unique, ranging from fighting oxidative damage, defending effects of aging, protecting blood vessels, promoting vitality and providing long lasting, natural energy.

AçaVie™ the purest and most potent extract from Açai the Brazilian superfruit is patented to MonaVie. MonaVie which is into the health and wellness Industry can be termed as pack of wellbeing and goodness being packed with Açai berry. Whether it is support for our cardiovascular or immune or overall health system, each formulation of MonaVie is designed to cater to our body needs.

Monavie is not a scam. Some people is saying monavie sacm, monavie fraud. Do you want to know more about monavie see post given below:

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